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From the desk of Nicola,

The Thinking Company

Taking our Value Proposition to Market - Onwards, Upwards and Forwards


It's been 8-months since The Thinking Company presented itself to the world, and it's fascinating to see how much you can achieve, and not, in a short period of time. From branding and websites to marketing collateral - we've done it all, as well as built a solid backend engine. Super grateful to the team and everyone that has contributed to our foundations.

So now it's onwards, upwards and forwards, as Edward would have said. We are thrilled to be taking our value proposition to market. We believe we can change the world - one leader and one mind, at a time. We want to partner with you, our community members and clients, to build the capability that we call thinking. In times of such turmoil and uncertainty, we're confident that we can help you future proof your career, your team and your business.

This is the first of our monthly newsletters. We don't want to bombard you, but we do want to spread the word and share the love - and hopefully convince you to join our movement. We are building a community of superb thinkers and coaches. So for all things thinking, think of us!

We hope you enjoy our newsletter and look forward to partnering with you in the near future.

Interested in Strategic Facilitation, Coaching or a Keynote
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