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Advanced Creative Thinking

Lateral Thinking Tools for Leaders

Think Differently!

Creativity is the number one skill for leaders to help them deal with the speed of change in the future. 


Lateral Thinking Tools provides leaders with an invaluable thinking toolkit that enables them to innovate, problem solve and respond to change.


Lateral Thinking Tools is a proven methodology empowering people by adding strength to their natural ability.  It enables participants to build on their current thinking to generate new and different ideas on demand.  To assist in Lateral Thinking there are two aspects: Vertical and Lateral thinking.  Vertical thinking gives us the gift of logic.  

Lateral Thinking gives us the gift of creativity.

“ WOW!  My team was excited and felt refreshed about the new approach. The team came up with the most amazing ideas.”

Janet Sithole
Convenience Operations Manager, Enge

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