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 Drive decisions and results with these thinking & problem-solving solutions 

de Bono Applied

Courses in Application of the de Bono Core Products

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Problem Solving & Decision Making

Help leaders make better and more inclusive decisions

Six Thinking Hats (blue).png

Make Meetings Matter with Six Thinking Hats

A program that provides managers with a tool for running meetings that ensures diversity, inclusion and creativity. A great way to build confidence and creative thinking in teams

Six Thinking Hats (blue).png

Six Thinking Hats
for Team Members

Bring the team along - this program is design to support team members where leaders have attended the Make Meetings Matter program. This provides an introduction to the framework and practice sessions

Decision Making and Solving Problems (blue).png

Effective Meeting Management Tools

Focusing exclusively on the Blue Hat - this is a one-day program for managers who have already attended Make Meetings Matter and who want to build their meeting management skills

Creative Thinking & Change Tools

Building confident creative thinkers and problem solvers

Rethink (blue).png

the Future

An opportunity for teams to rethink the future - resources, budgets, business models, customers, markets. This workshop is only available for cross functional or intact teams

LatThink Icon (blue).png

Mastering Change
with Lateral Thinking

A program that provides leaders with the fundamentals of change, and showing how creative thinking can be a catalyst for improving team's response to change

Thinking by Design (blue).png

Creative Thinking

A comprehensive toolkit for creative thinking providing leaders with tools for problem definition, ideation, evaluation and treatment of ideas, and ultimately implementation

Coaching, Value & Simplicity

Designing and extract more value from company assets

POP (blue).png

Coaching Tools
for Managers

In a world of coaching leaders need structure thinking tools to guide conversations, provide feedback and help other team members think for themselves. This toolkit is ideal for leaders who are being asked to coach and guide their teams

6Medals (blue).png

Creating Value
for Customers

Whether extracting value or looking for new and different ways to demonstrate or creative value, this program provides a fresh framework for discovering how value can be perceived, created and delivered

Simplicity (blue).png

Simplify Business

In a world fraught with complexity, this practice program provides leaders with ten tools to simply. Ideal for looking at business processes, user experiences and find creative ways to do more with less

Delivery solutions designed for you



Hybrid delivery

Customised solutions designed to meet your organisation's needs

Keynote Presentations

Keynotes can be custom designed based on all The Thinking Company solutions


Our popular keynotes are:

Think Differently
Decisions Decisions
Creating Value

Executive Coaching

Individual (one-on-one) 
and small group coaching (one-to-team) for executives, senior leaders and/or small teams


Our content is also available in a modular format allowing us to design extended learning journeys or provide modules on existing leadership development programs. Contact us for a free consultation

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