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 Drive decisions and results with these thinking & problem-solving solutions 

de Bono Core

Courses based on the Books of Edward de Bono

Six Thinking Hats (blue).png

Six Thinking Hats

A systematic method of thinking. Providing leaders with a platform for open discussion, enabling teams to solve problems faster, overcome diversity and quickly cut through emotional issues and tension

LatThink Icon (blue).png

Lateral Thinking

 A proven methodology empowering people by adding strength to their natural ability. It enables participants to build on their current thinking to generate new and different ideas on demand

Rethink (blue).png


A fast-paced approach to rethinking.  It is relevant to any business or team who need to rethink how to get the most value from their existing assets, resources and time

POP (blue).png

Power of Perception

Leaders learn techniques that enable fast, effective and efficient thinking, resulting in ideas and solutions that are inclusive and well considered

6Medals (blue).png

Six Value Medals

Identifying and resolving conflicts in values that negatively impact employees, the organisation, clients and community, is a core part of the process

Simplicity (blue).png


Invaluable to companies looking to uncomplicate today’s fast-moving, complex business environment. SimplicityTM tools will cut through the clutter and get innovations to market quicker

Thinking by Design (blue).png

Thinking by Design

The toolkit of choice to get teams to be customer centric and innovative, often resulting breakthrough innovation in a formal and structured way

Strategic Thinking (blue).png

Strategic Thinking

A reiterative and ongoing process, and when mastered, provides key insights, connections and approaches, to the overall strategic plan and delivery

Delivery solutions designed for you



Hybrid delivery

Customised solutions designed to meet your organisation's needs

Keynote Presentations

Keynotes can be custom designed based on all The Thinking Company solutions


Our popular keynotes are:

Think Differently
Decisions Decisions
Creating Value

Executive Coaching

Individual (one-on-one) 
and small group coaching (one-to-team) for executives, senior leaders and/or small teams


Our content is also available in a modular format allowing us to design extended learning journeys or provide modules on existing leadership development programs. Contact us for a free consultation

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