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Leaders Must be Thinkers

Effective leadership is essential for the success of any business or organization.

Leaders are required to guide their teams through unchartered territories, foster collaboration and resolve conflicts all while being forward-thinking and developing strategies.

To do this effectively, leaders must have a toolbox of skills that are continuously grown and sharpened to ensure that they maximize their talent and solve problems effectively and efficiently.

What is this toolbox every leader needs you’re probably wondering?

I’m glad you asked.

According to the Harvard Business Review (2022), problem-solving and decision-making are some of the most important skills for a leader to have.

The ability to approach any problem, analyze the facts and variables surrounding it, and the risks and opportunities attached to it to make a sound decision is what contributes to successful leadership and confidence across teams.

As simple as this may sound, making the right decision in the face of uncertainty can overwhelm teams and lead to a state of inertia.

This translates to slow or no resolutions and an unclear plan of action.

What does this mean?

Teams have no direction in resolving challenges which knocks their confidence, and this will be seen by the same problems coming up time and time again in meetings.

Let’s take Venessa, an experienced Manager leading a successful process engineering company that has attracted the most coveted talent in the industry.

Although Vanessa’s company has a thriving work culture where her team feels respected, valued, and cared for, she has noticed a dip in their productivity, decrease in incoming business and low retention of top talent.

Upon consulting with Thinking experts, the feedback Venessa received is that her team meetings are inefficient in resolving problems.

Moreover, dominant voices in meetings hindered the full participation of others.

This led to little resolution of underlying problems and little to no buy-in on meeting outcomes, which fostered silent resentment.

As meetings were becoming ceremonial rather than solutions and action-based, time was being wasted and her business was losing money.

Vanessa decided to act fast.

By enrolling herself and her team leaders in thinking skill development, Vanessa saw an immediate change in the business as her team became active in critical thinking, collaboration and effective problem solving with confidence to implement solutions.

This resulted in Venessa’s entire team gaining critical thinking skills that boosted their confidence in complex decision-making.

Thus, empowering them with a crucial gift of leadership: sharper thinking.

At The Thinking Company, we understand that thinking is a skill that can be grown, developed, and sharpened.

Thinking encompasses a variety of critical skills that help leaders and teams maximize their talent and potential.

As the No.1 de Bono trainer in east and southern Africa, we specialize in tested leader’s training, people capabilities building through critical and creative thinking skills.

Our interventions can be tailored to fit any industry, from finance, investment, mining, tertiary education to the food industry and many others.

Contact us if you’re experiencing similar challenges in your organization or interested to Rethink your L&D.

Zintle Magazi

Leaders Must Be Thinkers | November 2023

The Thinking Company

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