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Product Spotlight - Why Six Thinking Hats?

Are you a decision-maker, facilitate group discussions, problem-solve, manage, or lead a team?

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What is Six Thinking Hats?


Six Thinking Hats is recognised as the #1 problem-solving tool globally, not only addressing immediate issues but also equipping participants with a versatile thinking framework applicable to future challenges.


Six Thinking Hats is a systematic method of thinking. Providing leaders with a platform for open discussion, enabling teams to solve problems faster, overcome diversity, and quickly cut through emotional issues and tension.


Who should attend a Six Thinking Hats Workshop?


Are you a decision-maker, facilitate group discussions, problem-solve, manage, or lead a team? Are you responsible for developing ideas and solutions?


Six Thinking Hats® is for:

  • Project/Strategy Teams

  • Project Leaders

  • Line Managers

  • Agile Teams

  • Diversity and Inclusion Managers

  • Departmental Managers

  • Executives

  • HR and Training Managers

  • Consultants

What makes Six Thinking Hats so impactful?


Based on the groundbreaking book written by Edward de Bono, Six Thinking Hats contains a powerful tool set, which once learned can be applied immediately and assists Organisations and their Teams with:

  • Increased productivity and effectiveness

  • Shifting thinking from negative to positive

  • Turning emotional reactions into facts-based discussions in seconds

  • Generating better ideas

  • Reducing conflict and increasing collaboration

  • Shorter, effective meetings

In conclusion: 


By partnering with The Thinking Company and this innovative solution, you can ensure that your budget is spent on quality training that resonates with your organisational culture and drives performance.


Empower your organisation and its teams today!


Contact us for a tailored solution.


Register for our webinar to find out more about the Six Thinking Hats methodology and how to make decision with confidence!


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