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We had a very insightful and interactive webinar yesterday.


We are excited to recap the tools and ideas that were shared. Your engagement and curiosity made the session truly outstanding.


A BIG thank you to Dr. Sunil Gupta for the useful activities, questions, tools, and methods you shared. We will be 'thinking' of the 75-year-old individual and their perfect gift every time we engage with Thinking by Design.


If you were not able to attend we hope the content in this email will be helpful to you and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Here is the link to the recording of our session - Thinking by Design Webinar Recording.


A brief recap why Thinking by Design is a preferred method over Design Thinking:

  • It emphasises clarity and focuses on the task at hand, ensuring that the central question or problem is well-understood before proceeding.

  • It incorporates empathy deeply, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of both the team's and customer's needs, which may be apparent or latent.

  • By mastering the five steps of Thinking by Design, individuals and teams can systematically uncover innovative solutions.

  • Moreover, the application of de Bono's creative thinking tools in real-life scenarios enhances the practicality and effectiveness of this approach in achieving project goals.


These concepts are not just theoretical; they are practical tools that can change the way you and your team approach problems and come up with new and innovative ideas. 


We are committed to supporting your continuous learning and development. Whether it's through face-to-face sessions, online courses, thinking partnerships, coaching, or conference presentations, we're here to assist in cultivating the skills necessary for your leaders and teams to excel in their Thinking by Design abilities.

Together, let's transform the way we think and turn your groundbreaking ideas into reality #makeideashappen

We look forward to our continued journey towards excellence.

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