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 More than 20 years experience in 
teaching thinking as a skill 

Why teach thinking?

 Why teach thinking

Imagine leaders who effortlessly see options, make decisions and take action

  They are courageous and confident even when faced with uncertainty


We help businesses build better leaders  

We train leaders to be creative, analyse situations, make decisions and take action 

We’re in the business of confidence

 This is what we do 

LEADERS become more:

  • Attentive

  • Inclusive

  • Open-minded

  • Creative

  • Concise

  • Curious

  • Objective

  • Introspective

  • Critical 

COMPANIES benefit from:

  • Better teamwork and collaboration

  • Higher levels of inclusion in decision making

  • Improved critical thinking 

  • Higher levels of productivity

  • More efficient meetings

  • Confidence in decision making by applying the tools

  • Clearer and more concise communication

  • Higher levels of employee engagement

  • Improved problem solving and creativity

  • More productive and effective meetings

  • Improved listening and reduced bias

Thinking team

Meet our thinking team

The Thinking Company_Del Butts.jpg


The Thinking Company_Beth McAlpine.jpg

Expert Facilitator

The Thinking Company_Shaun Waso

Chief Operating Officer

The Thinking Company_Zee Caroline Walters

Expert Facilitator

The Thinking Company_Anke Ferreira

Project Manager

The Thinking Company_Dunniella Shabalala.jpg

Expert Facilitator

The Thinking Company_Brad Shorkend

Expert Facilitator

The Thinking Company_Mika Stevens

Graphic Designer

The Thinking Company_Verity Price

Expert Facilitator

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