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FourSight Workshops


Training Overview

This highly experiential workshop can be delivered online or in-person.  


The training provides participants with
a deeper dive into the FourSight creative process.  The course is designed to provide tools, techniques and an explicit problem-solving process that promotes breakthrough thinking and improved performance in individuals and groups. 


Participants will learn deliberate thinking tools, as well as learn how to apply the Creative Problem-Solving framework to make problem-solving more engaging and productive. 

This course can be run over one or two days face-to-face and has been successfully delivered to groups around the world. The course is also available as an online three-day version.  One-day training provides access to a thinking framework and toolkit, and the two-day training provides an opportunity for participants to apply the process to real world challenges.  An immediate return on investment is often achieved in the two-day option, especially where there is an executive sponsor engaged and where participants are held accountable for the outcomes.

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