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Nicola Tyler

Nicola Tyler is the Founder of The Thinking Company. She started The Thinking Company to support businesses and their leaders develop the No.1 Future Skill - Creative Thinking.  She trained alongside the world's most acclaimed creative thinker, Professor Edward de Bono who wrote over 60 books on the subject and who coined the phrase lateral thinking.  As the ultimate creative thinker, Nicola has dedicated her career to guiding leaders and organisations to think differently. Having facilitated hundreds of strategy dialogue workshops, and trained thousands of leaders, across countries, continents and cultures, she brings a vast amount of business, industry and cultural experience to her sessions.  

In 2010 Nicola started the Progress Conference Series, when she hosted some of the world’s best thinkers in South Africa.  As a result she has shared the stage with and interviewed great minds such as Martin Seligman, Dave Ulrich, Tom Peters, Liz Wiseman, Martin Lindstrom, Robert Kaplan, Ricardo Semler, Tara Swart and more. Her clients have also spanned the world, taking her to Bahrain, Germany, Austria, UAE, Thailand, Argentina, France, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Mauritius, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Czech Republic, Swaziland, Lesotho, and South Africa.
Nicola presented the Innovative Thinking Elective on the GIBS MBA for 7 years, and remains an Associate of GIBS, as well as Adjunct Faculty of Duke CE and Stellenbosch Business Institute.

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